Maverick ‘Over $200 Million Cruise at Sea; Buzzes Past Original – Deadline


Paramount/Skydance Top Gun: Maverick gained weight $185 million at the international box office until Thursday. That puts him on track to cross $200 million today in the offshore game. Add to that the domestic’s equally supersonic performance, and maverick will reach over $400 million worldwide in less than two complete game frames.

Tom Cruise’s return to the cockpit on Thursday surpassed the overseas lifespan of the 1986 original Superior gun which was clocked in at $176 million. We understand that the gross for this Tony Scott-directed movie is hard to translate into today’s dollars, given in part that the euro didn’t even exist until 2002 and box office reports were very different at the time. Either way, it’s an important step.

Despite what might be perceived as distractions from the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in the UKthis market lit the fire during maverick. The XL: M Cume there is $35.4 million through Thursday. Coincidentally, Thursday’s flypast spectacle of Buckingham Palace by Royal Navy and RAF planes could essentially amount to free publicity for maverick while the market has a four-day holiday.

The second cheapest on XL: M so far is France at $15.7 million through Thursday. The film benefits from the coverage of the Cannes Film Festival premiere and the love for Cruise. I personally know people who have seen it several times here. And, we hear anecdotal evidence of revisits elsewhere.

Just behind France, Australia and Japan are tied at $15.2 million through Thursday. The Middle East is at $9.7 million, Germany at $9 million, Brazil at $7 million and Mexico and Italy at 6.1 million.

The revisit with Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell’s fighter pilot 36 years after the original summer blockbuster is undeniably a balm for audiences. The Joseph Kosinski-directed film is appealing to all demos, even moviegoers who weren’t there for the initial need for speed, and the legs are showing as older demos come out for a movie with mega word of mouth.


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