Mobile power station tested at the Sting concert


A temporary mobile power plant tested at a Sting concert in France earlier this summer has been hailed a success by organizers.

Photovoltaic specialist Roy Énergie, who led the project alongside promoter AZ Prod, tested a prototype mobile solar electricity generator during the singer’s show at the Château de Chambord in Chambord in late June as part of its efforts to offset the carbon footprint of outdoor productions. Sting was not involved in the initiative.

According to Roy Énergie, the solar panels produced 55 kWh, while electricity is usually provided by diesel generator trucks capable of producing 110 kWh. The Orleans-based company is developing modules that will produce 75 kWh.

“The electricity produced was sent to the network to partially offset the CO2 produced by the trucks”

“Our electricity was not used for the concert because our promoter partner had to be absolutely sure of the power supply, but the test went as if it was and went very well,” says Romain Roy of the company. The connection. “The electricity produced was sent to the network to partly offset the CO2 produced by the trucks.

“We are now analyzing all the data to see how things went and will use it as we move towards our production model, which will be more powerful and can also be installed on site without any heavy machinery.”

The firm says the model, which is expected to cost between €100,000 and €150,000, should be ready by 2024, and is currently working on a hydrogen option for gigs that take place after dark.

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