Music celebration hits home – literally – during Porch Fest on Easton’s College Hill | Lehigh Valley Regional News


Lilly Hercik’s voice and piano echoed through Easton’s College Hill.

She was one of 45 performers participating in the neighborhood’s fourth Porch Fest, featuring musicians from across the region on 26 porches.

“It’s a lot of fun; it’s such a great environment for all of the musicians to have a bit of exposure and stuff,” Hercick said.

For Hercik, it was her first time performing in what has become a tradition and she said events like this help her gain more listeners.

“Mostly for my accounts on Spotify, Apple Music, like that gets a lot of listeners and just people in general for my music,” Hercick said.

Kim Kmetz is the mastermind behind it all.

She said she got the idea for the porch fest after attending a similar event in Ithaca, New York, years ago.

After speaking with the right people, she was able to make it a reality here.

“Now it’s become a tradition that everyone looks forward to,” Kmetz said.

It’s a tradition that brings Erin Chudolij back, the one she says brings her family together with good friends and good music close to home.

“It’s great. It’s so nice to have that sense of community, especially after the last two years, it’s nice that everyone hangs out and hangs out together,” Chudolij said.

Kmetz said this year is the biggest the Fest has ever been.

“That’s what community is to me and living in College Hill and living in Easton,” Kmetz said.


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