One dead after jet truck explosion at Battle Creek Field of Flight


One person died following an explosion during a fireworks performance by a jet-powered tractor-trailer Saturday at Battle Creek Executive Airport, Mich.

Emergency crews responded after the explosion occurred during the 1:10 p.m. performance by the Shockwave Jet Truck. In a statement, the city confirmed that the incident resulted in one death.

The Battle Creek Fire Department, Battle Creek Police Department, and Federal Aviation Administration are on the scene to investigateand there is no further driver information at this time.

“He was putting on his show and coming down the runway,” said Suze Gusching, media relations manager for Field of Flight. “He passed by the explosion, and his truck had exploded.”

The air show is currently postponed.

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The Shockwave Jet Truck is part of Darnell Racing Enterprise’s show team, which includes the Aftershock Jet Fire Truck and the Flash Fire Jet Truck. The teams are based in Springfield, Missouri.

According to team website, the Shockwave truck is powered by three Pratt & Whitney J34-38 jet engines originally used in US Navy T-2 Buckeyes. The engines produce 36,000 horsepower and deliver 21,000 pounds of thrust, allowing the truck to reach speeds of over 350 mph.

The team’s three trucks appeared at shows across the United States

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