Pplpleasr to drop NFT Producer Pass collection for Cannes Film Festival


pplpleasr-acclaimed digital artist Emily Yang is collaborating with Brut Media to release a limited-edition NFT collection. NFTs provide access to in-person events at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival May 17-28.

Pplpleasr will release a limited edition NFT collection and donate all sales funds. Credit: Skillshare on Twitter

Pplpleasr will release Producer Pass NFTs

The 75 Animated Producer Pass NFTs are based on Ethereum and you can create one on pplpleasr’s own NFT platform, Shibuya. Each NFT features an animated loop of a white fox walking down a red carpet. However, the other specific traits of the NFT depend on its level: Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Bronze level NFTs from Pplpleasr cost 5 ETH (about $14,000) mint. It will allow holders access to the red carpet event, as well as a film screening on the first day of the festival.

Silver-level NFTs cost 6 ETH (about $16,800) and will grant owners access to the red carpet event. In addition, holders can also attend a screening of a specific movie, such as “Top Gun: Maverick”, “Elvis” or “Three Thousand Years of Longing”.

The photo shows a fox on a red carpet who is the producer pass of pplpleasr NFT
pplpleasr’s limited edition NFTs come in three tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

The most coveted NFT type, the Gold level, will cost 7 ETH (around $19,600). It allows its owner to access either the opening ceremony or the closing ceremony of the 75th Cannes Film Festival. This also includes the red carpet event corresponding to the ceremony.

Ultimately, the funds raised from the NFT sale will continue to empower content creators. According to Pplpleasrit will donate all proceeds to the Annenberg Accelerator Program, an initiative set up by the University of Southern California.

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