Producer – Outdoors & Big Events


The Sydney Festival is looking for a Producer specializing in outdoor and major events to join the programming team for a 12 month full-time contract.

the Producer – Outdoors & Major Events work closely with the Festival Director, Head of Programming Operations and Creative Artist-in-Residence to define and plan the festival’s annual program specializing in major events, including verifying the viability of potential outdoor venues and major projects.

The role is responsible for liaising key stakeholders with other festival departments, external stakeholders, contractors and relevant organizations to ensure successful program implementation. A key responsibility for this role is defining, formulating and managing event budgets, working with the Head of Programming Operations and the Production Department and managing the successful delivery of external and major events as part of the festival program.

Key requirements for this role included experience building and managing pop-up/site-specific venues and enclosures, experience managing multiple stakeholders, and excellent financial acumen, with extensive modeling experience budget with varied partnership models in the production and presentation of work, leading to both revenue and expenditure management. An excellent approach to teamwork, an ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects and a keen interest in local and international trends and artists are a must.

The full job description is available here


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