RayRay and MorganJ Join Forces to Release New Track “The Underground” on Tomorrowland Music


In a collaborative triumph, up-and-coming Taiwanese DJ and producer RayRay has teamed up with Italian DJ and producer MorganJ for their brand new single “The Underground”, out via Tomorrowland Music!

The Subway‘ wastes no time getting down to business with an insistent driving rhythm pounding under radius radiusthe delirious vocal tones of – another new slice of full-throttle dance music. The contagious tune is the perfect blend of booming bass and vibrant production elements, just in time for those hot summer days.

The Subway‘ is the first in a collection of upcoming festival releases by Tomorrowland Music under the theme of this year’s festival ‘The reflection of love‘, celebrating the return of tomorrowland after three years of bringing together some of electronic music’s greatest artists on the Tomorrowland discographic imprint.

radius radius: “I’m a big fan of MorganJ’s sonic and musical talent! He contacted me for a collaboration. We started this project at the beginning of this year, and we finished it by sending stems and vocals via the Internet. It’s a combination of MorganJ’s unique icy signature sound and my vocals.

I had so much fun making this song! MorganJ inspired me so much and he was ready to unleash my creativity. Just be yourself, be real and show everyone that you genuinely have passion and love for what you do! Music isn’t a genre, so you can really create something meaningful and inspiring. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman.

MorganJ: “I was inspired by the famous track ‘Straight Outta Compton’, so I decided to do something really underground with an old school electronic sound influence. After the first demo, I showed the melody to RayRay, as I was pretty sure the track could hit the next level with his vocals.

Listen to the track below.


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