Roman Polanski Producer Says It Will Be a ‘Crime’ If He Can’t Make Any More Movies


Whenever we’ve heard the tedious moans about cancel culture or how bogus abuse accusations are ruining men’s lives, I always think of a confessed child rapist Roman Polansky. The director has lived in France since 1978 after fleeing the United States before being convicted of pleading guilty to “illegal sexual relations with a minor”. It’s legalese for “he admitted to drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl and never denied it.”

Over the past 45 years or so, Polanski has never stopped working as a filmmaker. Indeed, it has only become more acclaimed and loved overseas, winning multiple Césars, the Palme d’Or and the Best Director Oscar. But even Roman Polanski faced minor consequences for his actions decades late. His last victory at the César for An officer and a spy led the organization’s 21-member board that oversees the Caesars to resign en masse. Actress Adele Haenel, who recently announced she was leaving the film industry due to her rampant sexism and racism, left the ceremony when her name was announced. His film has always been a great success in France and won the Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival (preceded only by Joker), but that blinding adoration for him has faded.

According to Varietyhis last movie, The palace, could not find any French funding. There are also questions about whether it will get the same level of distribution in France as its previous films. This made her producer, Luca Barbareschi, very upset. He said Variety:

“I managed to set up production in a year without France since France didn’t want to invest a euro in Polanski. It really hurt me. If this film does not come out in France, it is a crime.

Yeah. It’s a crime that a wealthy predator can’t convince other wealthy people to give him money to make a movie. What a miscarriage of justice. Hopefully when people google “crime of Roman Polanski” they can find more evidence of this…

Oh come on, do I even need to finish the joke?

This shit is obviously ridiculous and tacky and stubborn in a way that makes even every other selfish maniac in the movie world laugh. Remember, this new film of Polanski’s already concluded agreements with unspecified distributors in Germany and Spain, such as Variety Remarks. He’s still attracting big names to work with him, from Fanny Ardant to John f**king Cleese (I guess his recent mundane anti-cancel culture needed more fuel to pwn the libs.) They’re still planning a release in theaters across Europe in November.

I doubt facing any real repercussions will hurt this guy. Hell, several women accused him of harassment and assault and the industry didn’t care. He’s worked with everyone from Johnny Depp to Harrison Ford, Eva Green to Jean Dujardin, Kate Winslet to Jodie Foster, and too many other A-Listers to count. None of them cared to bolster Polanski’s power until it was too publicly embarrassing to do so. I’m sure the French film industry will rally behind Polanski again once the heat dies down. He may even inspire a new wave of fans who only exist to support total sh*tbag abusers while claiming it’s a free speech issue (hello, current era of Louis CK advocates. )

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