Sarawak International Music and Arts Festival (SIFMA)



Sarawak International Festival Music and Arts or better known as SIFMA is a festival focused on live music and arts.

Unlike other music-related festivals, SIFMA intends to focus more on the performing arts which includes but is not limited to theatre, orchestras, dancers, conductors , choirs, singers, etc.

The event is typically a two-day affair with a special segment called ‘Let’s Talk’ giving audiences the chance to hear inspiring stories and advice from professionals and enthusiasts in the music and arts community.

SIFMA by The Festival of Arts is organized by International Music House (IMH) Kuching and supported by Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MTAC) Sarawak and Sarawak Tourism Board (STB).

What to expect

Expect two nights of beautiful and mesmerizing performing arts during SIFMA.

Dates and artist SIFMA

The dates and artists performing at each festival differ accordingly. To find out who performed in which year, you can refer to the year below, and click on the dates to find out who performed or will perform.

The current year is highlighted in bold.

Sarawak International Music and Arts Festival Ticket Price

SIFMA was free in 2021, but returned as a paid event in 2022.

Tickets were charged based on seat location.

In 2022, tickets were priced below.

  • Premium Seating – RM100 per person * forward section to stage
  • Standard Seating – RM60 per person * rear middle section

Where is the headquarters of SIFMA

The Sarawak International Music and Arts Festival was previously held in the old State Legislative Building (DUN), but the 2022 edition has moved to the new Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Sarawak.

Since the event will take place at night, it is advisable to book a ride or a taxi to the venue. Walking is not an option due to the distance between the site and public transport.

The location of the venue can be seen below.

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