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Xposure International Photography Festival brings together the works of 70 world-renowned photographers

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Published: Thu Jan 20, 2022 5:21 PM

Last update: Thu 20 Jan 2022, 06:31 PM

More than 70 world-renowned photographers will come together on a single platform to showcase their mesmerizing images through 45 solo and group exhibitions in Sharjah, officials said on Thursday.

The powerful role of photography as a tool for change will be highlighted through 28 inspiring talks, while expert-led educational workshops will enhance learning experiences for photography professionals and enthusiasts as the sixth edition of the Xposure international photography festival kicks off at the Expo Center Sharjah from February 9th. -15.

Organized by the Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB), Xposure 2022 will also raise awareness of marine conservation through powerful storytelling that showcases the beauty and devastation of our fragile ocean ecosystems. Xposure’s first-ever International Ocean Conservation Summit will be held on February 10, with the theme “Saving Our Oceans”.

The international festival’s 7-day program also includes the announcement of the winners of the Freelance and Freelance Photojournalist Award and the Xposure Photography and Film Awards.

International Ocean Conservation Summit

The world’s leading marine photographers will help shape a positive blueprint for the future of our oceans through their documentation of the visual effects of environmental and climate crises at Xposure this year. Organized in partnership with the International League of Conservation Photographers, the summit brings together environmental activists, passionate explorers, photographers and change-makers from around the world to lead nine insightful panel discussions on sustainable solutions and everyday actions to protect the environment.



Around 15,000 entries for the Xposure Awards

The exceptional talents and extraordinary images of photographers from around the world are celebrated every year in Sharjah through the Xposure Photography and Film Awards. This year, the award received up to 14,998 nominations from 126 countries, including Switzerland, Greece, Canada, Germany, Finland, Italy and Chile. Representing a 58% increase over five years, the highest number of submissions this year came from China, India, Iran, Russia, Egypt, Myanmar, Bangladesh and United Arab Emirates.

Entries were evaluated by 21 renowned photographers in the following categories: portraiture, architectural photography, drone photography, short film and moving image, junior category, travel photography, landscape photography, wildlife photography, photojournalism and an exclusive category for Sharjah government employees.

Freelance and Independent Photojournalism Awards (IPFA)

On February 10, Xposure will award $15,000 to the first winner of the Freelance and Freelance Photojournalist Award, which was announced by Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Deputy Governor of Sharjah and Chairman of the Sharjah Media Council, to recognize and reward freelancers and freelancers. photojournalists who strive to capture images to support reporting and raise awareness of pressing issues around the world.

The runner-up winner will have dedicated gallery space to exhibit their work at Xposure 2022. The award categories include News, Environment, and Solutions.

The award received 133 nominations from 51 countries comprising 1,265 photos. Topping the list for the most entries are Spain, France and the UK, followed by Syria, Turkey, India, Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates. Prominent jurors for the award included Pollack Kira, Lars Boering, Aidan Sullivan, Ray Wells and Muhammed Muheisen.

Enter the experiences of 70 photographers

Visitors are invited to enter the fascinating world of visionary photographers who will share their unique perspectives and experiences at Xposure this year. Prominent names include Steve McCurry, best known for his iconic 1984 photo of an Afghan girl; James Nachtwey, famous photojournalist and war photographer; Laurent Ballesta, Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021 at the Natural History Museum; Brian Skerry, specializing in marine wildlife and underwater environments; and Joel Sartore, founder of The Photo Ark, which documents endangered animals and species in human care.

45 individual and collective exhibitions

At Xposure, audiences can step into the aesthetically and emotionally captivating stories shared through more than 1,600 visual narratives and presented through 45 individual and group exhibitions. The stories cover a wide range of topics from conflict, natural disasters and disease to the serene environments of scenic landscapes and the creatures that call them home.

Step into inspiration – 28 inspiring talks

Aspiring photographers of all age groups will be inspired to advance their photographic goals through the 28 inspiring talks hosted at Xposure by acclaimed international photographers who will share their understanding of the world and the influences that have shaped their extraordinary journeys.

Step into the knowledge – 25 workshops, 24 portfolio reviews, 14 focus groups

Xposure welcomes photography enthusiasts to advance their knowledge and image-making skills in 25 interactive workshops led by international photographers for beginners and professionals. Additionally, 14 discussion sessions and 24 portfolio reviews will be led by renowned professionals with extensive experience in commercial photography, photojournalism, documentary, landscape photography, travel, portraiture and other photography genres. .

The power of the image

Tariq Saeed Allay, Managing Director of SGMB, said: “Today marks a new era for the Xposure International Photography Festival, as it reinforces its status as an international platform and discusses the future of humanity and the fragility of our planet through the lens of the awards winning photographers, opinion leaders and changemakers Photography is a powerful tool for change, and we believe that photographers who champion humanitarian causes are also changemakers .

“The festival’s comprehensive and dynamic programming program is a reflection of the vision and cultural project for Sharjah set out more than 50 years ago by His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah. Xposure zooms in on the human condition, celebrates unique works, shines a light on inspiring stories and has become the most sought-after event for photographers around the world to both showcase and hone their skills,” Allay added.


A global and inclusive platform

Alia Al Suwaidi, Director of SGMB, said, “At Xposure, we strongly believe in the power of photography to impact lives and the world around us, and we continue to invest in it to drive more positive change. . Xposure is a platform for famous photographers to present their perspectives of the world to our audience, highlighting the power and role of photography in forging connections and changing lives.

Al Suwaidi continued, “Over the years, Xposure has earned a tremendous reputation as a comprehensive international platform for photography experts to share their experiences and raise awareness among viewers. Audiences have the opportunity to immerse themselves in exceptional visual storytelling by renowned photographers and can keep up to date with the latest photographic techniques and equipment. The festival combines theoretical and experimental education and offers the possibility of buying works of art, the profits of which will be donated to charity”.

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