Siem Reap “comes back to life” by hosting festivals and events during the holiday season


Siem Reap comes to life by hosting numerous festivals and events in December to promote tourism globally with the aim of restoring the hotel sector and boosting the national economy.

One of these events celebrates Siem Reap as an ASEAN Cultural City with the hosting of the first Angkor International Arts Festival.

Minister of Culture Secretary of State Pen Monimakara said the culture of the Kingdom must be promoted in order for international tourists to know who and what Cambodia is.

“However, the Covid-19 virus and its variants caused many factors (tourism slowdown), so we need to promote Siem Reap and revive the province,” she said.

Provincial Vice Governor You Sophea said Siem Reap city has been hit hard by the virus outbreak, so now is the time to start and make the province shine again and even better than before. .

The event, which takes place from December 10 to 12, is organized represented by the Cambodian Arts and Festivals Company which has established an artistic, technical and administrative collaboration with the Ministry of Culture to celebrate the designation of Siem Reap as ASEAN city of culture. 2021-2022.

General Manager and Artistic Director Aaron Carpen of the Angkor International Arts Festival said, “We have been working on it for over a year, with Cambodia taking over the Asean Presidency and the country opening up. We believe this is a fitting tribute to Cambodia’s cultural heritage and the local art scene at a time when Cambodia has so much to offer in terms of art and culture.

“By supporting this event, not only will you be supporting Cambodia’s artists and heritage, but you will also be helping those in the tourism industry and the arts who have been hit so hard by Covid-19,” he said. .

Siem Reap City is the 6th ASEAN City selected as ASEAN City of Culture. The other five are Cebu, Philippines (2010-2011), Singapore, Singapore (2012-2013), Hue, Vietnam (2014-2015), Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam (2016-2017) and Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2018-2020) ).


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