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The Spenard region of Alaska is known for its eclecticism and diversity of people, businesses, and artistic sensibilities. It has long been host to Tommy’s Burger Stop, Chilkoot Charlies, Center Bowl, and most currently The Drip, the city’s first black-owned coffeehouse. It’s no wonder this region so openly celebrates American jazz culture and has instituted an event to participate in its music. Created in 2008, the Spenard Jazz Fest will celebrate its 15th anniversary this year in Anchorage. Alaska-based musician Yngvil Vant Guttu has been a central part of the scene for years and will be one of many artists who will gather in Spenard to perform on June 4. Here, she and fellow artist Corinthia Rabb help facilitate discussion about the importance of jazz nationally and locally in supporting culture and the Fest at the heart of Spenard.

HOST: justin williams

Yngvil Vant Guttu, Corinthia Rabb and Karl Wilhelmi


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