St Kitts Music Fest: Kittitian artists shine on second night


Kittitian’s dancehall numbers shone on the second night of the St. Kitts Music Festival.

The show, which took place last Friday night at Kim Collins Stadium, saw top international artists such as Ashanti, Wale, Maxi Priest, Sean Paul and rising star Shaneil Muir.

But for many, local acts have held.

As dancehall fights for international recognition, it is alive and well in the Caribbean with artists from almost every island developing their brand of the genre.

St Kitts is no different with bands such as Dejour and Scruphe, Byron Messia, Hi-Light and I Mark.

Speaking on the popularity of the art form in the region, Sean Paul told a press conference earlier today that he would like artists to collaborate and travel to Jamaica to produce their work as so many other international artists do.

Paul also defended the artists’ lyrics, saying they sing about their reality.

“This music is about telling people where you’re from, but in society sometimes people don’t like what kids say. It’s a mirror that makes us look at ourselves. They say things that we don’t like to hear, but let’s do something instead of condemning these children’s artwork,” he said.

Loop News was behind the scenes to gather feedback from local singers on their experience at the St Kitts Music Festival.


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