Surinsar Bird Festival organized


Highlights of the festival were bird walks during which participants walked through various nature trails in the adjacent forest area to observe birds and their habitats under the guidance of expert bird watchers from JK Birdlife (an amateur bird watching group birds).

This was followed by a lake walk during which the participants walked around Surinsar Lake and were enlightened by the expert participants on waterfowl, migratory birds, lake ecosystem, restoration of the area coastline of Lake Surinsar and the diversity of turtles in Lake Surinsar.

The eminent experts who participated and guided during the various events of the program were Prof. Parmil Kumar, Dr. Vinita, Dr. Deepika Salathia, Dr. Neeraj Sharma, Dr. Anuradha Gupta, Dr. Vipin, Dr. Sudesh Kumar, Dr. Ankita Sharma, Dr Kaushika and Dr Chinmayi Maharana.

OP Sharma Vidyarthi, a well-known proponent of tree discussions, spoke about important tree species and their ecological importance. Participants also paid floral tributes to the Birdman of India – Dr. Salim Ali and highlighted his contributions to bird research and conservation in India.

An on-site painting competition was also held which was attended by students from class I through university students. Paintings were made by the students on three themes namely; “Birds – Flying Wonders”, “Backyard Birds”, and “Birds Through Different Landscapes”. A team of experts evaluated the paints on site in four categories – primary (up to class – V), sub-junior (class – VI to IX), junior (class – X to XII) and senior (up to – above class XII). The top three paintings in each category received trophies and certificates. In addition, consolation prizes were awarded to participants who narrowly missed the 3rd prize.


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