Taichung Festival of Lights Curator Seeks Participatory Event


Light-themed arts events have become popular in Taiwan in recent years, as local governments seek to attract tourists, but curator Tseng Yu-chuan (曾鈺 涓) has pledged to take a new path when she started working on the third edition of the Taiwan International Festival of Lights in Taichung.

“We were thinking about how to make a breakthrough in producing a festival of light with a different curatorial approach,” Tseng said Wednesday. “There are just too many light festivals out there. “

In addition to the traditional festivals organized around the Lantern Festival holidays, many events have chosen “light” as their theme. From the White Night and Treasure Hill Light Festival in Taipei to the Light Coming Festival in Hsinchu City, most feature light installations and screening events, with the aim of dazzling visitors.

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For the Taichung exhibition, on the theme “Play and Playing – Light and Shadow”, Tseng invited local and foreign artists to build nine “performative installations”, which will be exhibited in the outdoor space of the National Museum of Fine Arts. Taiwan arts from tomorrow. until February 28 of next year, every day from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

“Light always comes with shadow, and when the two elements interact, they create movement,” Tseng said. “Visitors will be able to interact with the installations and dance to the movement of lights, thus becoming part of the works of art. “

Visitors can roam freely around the facilities, Tseng said, adding that it would be interesting to explore in particular Interval of Scenery by Taiwanese artist Chiang Iuan-hau (江元皓).

Chiang’s work includes several pillars of varying circumferences and heights, with the surface of the pillars covered with light-refracting materials.

Chiang said he seeks to introduce storytelling techniques into the art of light, giving his works a theatrical element.

“I treat light as a character in my work,” Chiang said. “I focused on how to get this character to interact with visitors so that they are part of the job.”

Culture Minister Lee Yung-te (李永 得) said he hoped the exhibition would become one of the most important art events in Taichung over the years.

His ministry will continue to support the necessary infrastructure for the new arts and encourage artists who work with different media, he added.

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