The Timber Outdoor Music Festival is back to bring the love

Photo: Greg Roth

Special to SMI from the founder and former contributor, Greg Roth and director of the next documentary, “#WeRideWhy” (Delayed until 2023 due to COVID).

July 2019… This is the last year that many music and art lovers of all ages have gathered at Told-McDonald Park to celebrate life, art and music in Timber Outdoor Music Festival. The last two plus years have been filled with isolation, division, political division, economic strife, wars, etc. and so on and Scooby doobie doobie. In the immortal words of Crash Davis movie, Bull Durham: “We are dealing with a lot of shit here!” This is why music is so important, for those who love music and sharing it with those they love. Music/art is oxygen and Timber always seems to have an unlimited supply.

More than a musical event…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Timber Outdoor Music Festival is not just a musical event. It is a life event. At Timber, nothing that divides us exists. What exists at Timber is unity, connection, joy, peace, passion and most importantly, love. For me, Timber is love incarnate. The love of music, the love we have for our family and friends, the love of nature and the love of our community.

Framework! represents everything a festival should be – a space for pure art, community, exploration, fun and authentic self-expression. I attended the first 2 years of Timber in 2013 and 2014 – two deeply special and memorable experiences.

People who frequent Timber take care of their own and leave Tolt Macdonald Campground more impeccable than when they arrived. People bring their own drinking containers, instead of those fucking red plastic cups (my favorite color by the way), which get way overused and end up in a landfill (not cool). Framework! is an all-inclusive experience in a family-friendly space that respects the environment, #Freedom.

A special meaning for a special family….

Framework! also matters to me because it was incredibly important to my friend Ashley Bergwho lost his battle with cancer on Monday, May 14, the day after Mother’s Day 2018. I know for a fact that his Timber experiences were some of the best days in the last years of his life.

#Timberfest you make me so happy every year. I love you.

–Ashley Berg

Some of you may know that Jason Tang and I’m working on a documentary film called #WeRideWhy to be completed in 2023 (delayed by 2 years due to Covid). Ashley is central to the story.

When Ashley was battling cancer, one of the biggest highlights of the year was the Timber Outdoor Music Festival. She’s shared it with her daughter Piper every year since the summer of 2013. For the past two years, her family has joined her and Piper at Timber. As you will see in the video below, the founder, organizer and artist of the festival Kevin Sur paid a moving tribute to Ashley and her family from the stage. Ashley’s family will be there again this year to honor her and celebrate her life. They and thousands come to bask in the majesty of music, art, activities, community and the glory of God, under beautiful skies in a lovely little place called Carnation, Washington.

#WeRideWhy – Wood party from #WeRideWhy on Vimeo.

Framework! will take place this weekend, from July 21 to 33. Tickets are available at:

Route and location


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