To Kill The Birds And The Bees: Winner of the National Youth Film Awards by filmmaker Calleen Koh


Koh noted that female filmmakers tend to be held to different standards when tackling such topics. “People will always be more critical of women when they talk about sex, especially if they do it in a very casual way,” she said, adding that her art is also sometimes misunderstood – she once was. offered by a random guy to film a nude video of him for her personal collection, which she declined.

“At first (judgment like that) was difficult for me. But I got used to it,” said the young filmmaker, who is currently working on a new Hot Buns project under the mentorship of the Oscar-nominated animation director, Siqi Song.

Production is expected to end in September. Although Koh couldn’t reveal much about his next film just yet, she stressed that he will continue to push the envelope.

“I think it’s a bit more difficult for Singaporean filmmakers to go global because the market doesn’t have as much interest in Singaporean content as Japanese or Korean content, for example, because of the cultural waves .

“But the independent team in Singapore is slowly growing and people are starting to notice Singapore. I want to keep making interesting films in the hope that there will be more diverse content in Singapore and I can make films that will become world,” she said.


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