Tokyo Film Festival: Amazon Prime Video Take One Finalists


For the second consecutive year, TIFF is hosting the Amazon Prime Video Take One Awards for New Filmmakers. “We want Amazon to be a home for talent – ​​when directors come up with great new ideas, we want them to think Amazon is the place to go,” said Kodama Takashi, country manager of Prime Video Japan. at a TIFF press event on Monday. . “That’s why we sponsor the awards.”

Open to filmmakers living in Japan who have not yet served as directors, writers or producers of a commercial film or who have their independent films of 40 minutes or more theatrically released, the Take One Awards are for 15-minute short films or less. This Year’s Veteran Director Isao Yukisada chaired a jury that screened 83 applications to propose seven finalists. Of these, five are women, including fourteen-year-old Asumi Momoha.

While saying that in judging the entries he did not discriminate between gender or age, Yukisada told reporters that “women seem to have more momentum and power these days, as well as greater resilience – they will never give up on completing their studies”. movies. Additionally, he found the filmmaker entries more “surprising.” “They approach their themes in a new way,” he explained.

Acknowledging that working with new directors, writers and actors is “important”, Kodama added that it “also comes with risks”. By sponsoring the Take One Awards, he explained, Amazon is able to assess a lot of new talent with the help of a veteran filmmaker like Yukisada. “So we’re more likely to have success than working randomly with new directors,” he said.

Last year’s winner Kim Yunsoo said he was working on a script in cooperation with Amazon, but modestly added that he still felt “on the starting line – not much has changed”. “But I’m very grateful to have been selected as a finalist,” he continued. “It was really a big motivation for me.” His advice to this year’s finalists, six of whom were present in the audience: “I would like you to wait for the results with peace of mind. And even if you don’t win the prize this year, there’s always next year. So whatever happens, everything is fine.


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