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The 3rd Tokyo Gap-Financing Market (TGFM) unveiled 20 projects selected for funding and development at TIFFCOM, the content market affiliated with the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF).

Selections include new projects from well-known directors such as recent Berlinale Generation 14plus award winner Farkhat Sharipov (Scheme), Ash Mayfair (The third wife) and Tom Waller (The cave).

Toe Yuen from Hong Kong, known for winning the Prix d’Annecy My life as McDull (2001), also has a new animation in the lineup.

Hosted by UniJapan, TGFM will take place as part of TIFFCOM online from October 25-27. The 35th edition of TIFF will take place as an in-person event from October 24 to November 2.

For the first time, TGFM has projects in South Korea, Vietnam, Bhutan, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Poland and Luxembourg. In total, this year’s 20 projects come from 24 countries and regions.

TGFM allows feature film and TV series projects in the financing phase to meet one-on-one with sales agents, distributors, financiers, broadcasters and funds.

Eligible film projects must have 60% of their total budget guaranteed, while TV series projects must have 50%. All must have an element related to Asia.

Previous TGFM projects include Indonesian director Edwin’s 2021 Locarno Golden Leopard winner Vengeance is mine, everyone else pays cash (Indonesia-Singapore-Germany), currently in theaters in Japan, and recent winner of the Locarno Fipresci Prize stone turtledirected by Woo Ming Jin from Malaysia.

“The many meetings we had at TGFM 2021 provided us with an outline and inspiration to set up our project. By talking and meeting [with] producers around the world, we were able to share and exchange information. This reinforced our desire to take a more international approach with our project,” said Edmund Yeo, producer of stone turtle.

Tokyo Gap-Market Funding 2022

Feature film – Fiction (17 projects)

WADA (Lux-Belg-Fr-Jap)
Real Yuki Kawamura
Product Fauve Films

China Sea (Lith-Pol-Tai)
Real Jurgis Matulevicius
Product Film Jam

Room in deep calm (Taiwan)
Real Ko-Shang Shen
Product Flash Forward Entertainment

Diamonds in the sand (Jap Phil)
Real Janus Victory
Products Project 8 Projects, Paperheart Sdn. Bhd

gaspar (Indonesia)
Real Yosep Anggi Noen Kawan
Products Kawan Media, Visinema

helldiver (US-HK-Malaysian)
Real Tod Kip Williams
Product Direct movies

Me, the song (Bhut-Fr-Nor-Tai)
Real Dechen Roder
Product Dakinny Productions

In the belly of a tiger (India-Tai-Fr-US-China)
Real Jatla Siddartha
Product Flash Forward Entertainment

kiss of the queen of the con (Thai-Indo-Jap-Ira)
Real Tom Waller
Product De Warrenne Pictures

love before sunrise (working title) (Tai-Jap)
Real Chen Ti Kuo
Product Thousand Trees Movies

youthful skin (Viet Sing)
Real Ash Mayfair
Products An Nam Production, Akanga Films

soldier of love (Kazakhstan)
Real Farkhat Sharipov
Product Medeor

Some nights I feel like walking (Phil-Sing-Tai)
Real Petersen Vargas
Product Daluyong Studios

The spark (India)
Real Rajesh S.Jala
Product The elements

Savage (China-UK)
Directors Pengfei Song, Justin Chadwick
Product Pictures of Juben

Who were we? (Japan)
Real Tetsuya Tomina
Product Tetsuya in Mina Movie

Winter in Sokcho (Fr-S Kor)
Real Koya Kamura
Product Offshore

Feature film – Animation (1 project)

A mighty adventure (HK-Tai-Malay)
Real Toe Yuen
Product zero one movie

TV Series – Fiction (2 Projects)

Until the end of the world (Thailand)
Real Anusorn Soisa-ngim
Product Commercial production

wine lovers (Tai-NZ)
Real Wesley Ko
Product AwesomeWorks Production


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