Visual Voice Inc. and the upcoming Short Film Festival project for all creators in the age of Web 3.0


A platform that delivers value to creators’ digital assets, along with asset management that stores content securely

A starting point for all, a system people can own and use the content

Hackathon and Seminars in summer

SHIBUYA CITY, Japan, July 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Visual Voice Inc. and the Oscars® qualifying film festival, SSFF & ASIA are creating a new project to support creators in their various businesses and provide them with a platform that can bring value to their digital assets, as well as asset management that securely stores their content.

Taking advantage of the festival’s connection with creators and supporters for 25 years, we are starting this project through Metaverse, Blockchain and NFT in the age of web 3.0.

This project will build a system where all creators can connect with supporting businesses and individuals through the NFT Marketplace:

  1. a platform that provides value to creators of digital assets, as well as asset management that securely stores their content
  2. a starting point for all, a system that people can own and use the content

In this market, all creative elements such as props, treatments, script, acting, lighting, sound, images will be treated as an asset. It will continue as a wallet matching service, LOOT, DAO, and its data will be a property in its own right that you can manage.

The content on the market will be created by all professionals and industries: corporate/creators, professional/hobbyists and various industries like not only movies, games, music but crypto, tourism, medical, real estate, etc. . (IP) that we, Visual Voice, will work together to create endless possibilities.

A teaser site for the new project has been launched

We are also starting to call for applications for partners to develop this project and plan new business models.
For companies and pre-registered individuals, they will be invited to the Hackathon this summer.

SSFF & ASIA 2022 NFT×Cinema feat. The Rhetoric Star (NOMA × CoinPost) will stream online with English subtitles

Discussing the development of cinematic infrastructure services using blockchain and NFT technology, Visual Voice presents a seminar with a 100-minute live action film illustrating the “greed, darkness and hope” of the crypto industry: THE RHETORIC STAR production team: director TAICHI, CEO at EDLEAD-japan- & producer Takahito KagamiCEO of CoinPost

July 26 (Tuesday) 5:00 a.m. (JST) / Free Admission *English subtitles will be added in August

Fuyumi Tanaka
[email protected]

Short Film Festival SOURCE Committee


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