When We Were Young festival looks set to rock Las Vegas despite some skepticism


LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – It’s not often you see around 60 bands on a music festival’s lineup for a single day, let alone those many bands whose so-called “emo kids” become crazy. But despite initial skepticism, the Las Vegas Festival Grounds and Live Nation now seem set to welcome guests dressed in skinny jeans and black eyeliner for the first-ever When We Were Young Festival.

Ahead of its first weekend, the hyped emo and pop punk festival is at the center of social media rumors.

“Usually when you see a festival of this magnitude it’s over a three-day weekend and they split the bill, but you know, they’re going to do 60 or 70 bands every day,” the holder said. Cannon Kolb ticket. He said people were worried, “it would be something like the disaster that Fyre Fest was.” For those who don’t know, Fyre Fest was a 2017 luxury music festival that turned out to be fraudulent.

But workers inside the event told FOX5 on Thursday that preparations were going without a hitch.

James Thomas Productions is the non-union stagehand and rigger company that was employed to help set up the stages and tents on the festival grounds. Ingrid Rosa, from Southern Nevada, is working the event on a contract and spoke to FOX5.

“Construction-wise, everything is going really well: lights are on on the main stage, audio and everything, video is on, so I really can’t say anything went wrong” , Rosa said.

The festival is sold out, however, several tickets are still available through third-party ticketing sites – and at a fraction of the original price.

“I’ve seen tickets for less than a hundred dollars,” Kolb said. “There are a lot of people who haven’t thought about these expenses.”

Kolb said he paid nearly $600 for his GA+ ticket when it first went on sale.

“Agh, that’s a sore spot for sure,” he said.

Las Vegan Matt Kimball said he also paid just over $350 for his ticket originally.

But “emo” aren’t about that either.

“It stinks to have paid so much, but you know what, it’s going to be a good time, so I’m happy,” Kolb said.

“I would rather have [my ticket] locked up,” Kimball said. “We’re seeing concerts coming back, and I know that’s one of the biggest things people have said they’ve missed during the pandemic.”

The event is also set to return the following weekend, October 29-30. Headliners include My Chemical Romance, Avril Lavigne and Bright Eyes.

As we reported in January, some artists took to social media to express their shock at being included in the lineup at the time of the announcement.

We asked popular media blog Festive Owl, a music festival commentator, if he thought this would impact attendance for all artists.

“A lot of times when it comes to artists being booked on particular festival lineups – the band, the band or the person themselves, especially the bigger bands, just don’t always know where they can or no play,” said Festive Owl. “It’s not uncommon.”

They added, “I don’t see this affecting artists who show up, especially for the amount of money they get for these huge one-day events like When We Were Young.”


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