Winkler Police Comment on Stopping Float During Harvest Festival Parade –


A group of people and vehicles were restrained by the Winkler Police Department after driving behind the Harvest Festival Parade on Saturday morning.

As the last parade vehicle turned the corner of Mountain Avenue and 15th Street toward Main Street, signaling the end of the parade, some people began packing their chairs ready to continue their day.

However, there was some confusion around the corner, as police blocked the corner from all other traffic turning onto Mountain from 15th Street. A number of large, decorated vehicles could still be seen along the parade route on 15th Street.

“We are thrilled to have the festival again and to be able to have a parade again, and it all went really well,” said chef Ryan Hunt. “We anticipated, at the end of the parade or after the parade, that there might be another group trying to hold on to the parade that had not been recorded in the parade.”

Hunt said their concern was related to the safety of those in attendance at the parade.

“We didn’t want people to think the parade was over, then walk out, then cross the street to go home, go back to their cars, and then have another group of vehicles arrive. So our intention was to delay the group following the parade, just so they wouldn’t meet people walking in the streets. That was our intention.

Everyone registered to participate in the parade, followed the police cruiser leading the parade, Hunt added, and stood in line with the cruiser behind them.

“We were informed by the parade organizers that they (the group looking to hang on to the parade) were not registered,” Hunt added.

The situation ended well, and in the end a number of vehicles honked down Mountain Avenue about half an hour after the parade ended.

Someone with the group was asked for comment by a PembinaValleyOnline reporter at the scene, but declined.


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