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Producers Tristan Goligher (Supernova) and Mike Goodridge (triangle of sadness) stressed the importance of working across multiple platforms and developing projects over a long period of time during an industry keynote at the London Film Festival on Tuesday.

The couple led the keynote as part of the festival’s second day of industry events, and they were joined on stage by Pretty red dress writer-director Dionne Edwards and Mia Bays, director of the BFI National Lottery Film Fund, who moderated the panel.

Discussing the process of bringing their projects to the big screen, the trio quickly broached the topic of development. Goodridge, who runs UK-based production company Good Chaos and is a co-producer on this year’s Palme d’Or winner triangle of sadnesssaid development is the key to producing a successful feature film.

“If you’re well developed and it often involves several years, that makes a difference, and it shows on some platforms. The content is not very good. And why is it not very good? Because it was not well developed,” he said.

Streamers were on the agenda during the keynote, with the three attendees speaking at length about the importance of engaging with streaming companies and building a practice that includes a range of platforms and media. , including television.

“It’s so important for filmmakers and producers to be agnostic about the format they’re working in,” Goligher said. “In an ideal world, you work across TV, film, streamers and global deals. It’s so competitive right now, so producers have to be very flexible to find the best avenues to make the best films and generate the best value.

Goodridge added that any film producer working today must also work on television series if they are to access the top talent in the industry today.

“That’s where our filmmakers are. I resigned myself to that fact,” he said. “I love watching great series as much as I love great movies. I’m not particularly worried about cinema being marginalized. I think we’ll always have great content.


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