‘World of Tomorrow’, ‘Dark Heart’, ‘About Sasha’ Named Best Shows


Netflix and Arte’s musical show “Le Monde de Demain” won first prize in the Series Mania international television festival competition at the event’s awards ceremony on Friday.

The series, created by Katell Quillévéré, Hélier Cisterne – both also directing – Vincent Poymiro and David Elkaïm, looks back at the birth of the French hip-hop movement in the 1980s. Produced with the collaboration of Laurent Rigoulet and the participation of Kool Shen, JoeyStarr and DJ Détonateur S, it was described by the organizers as “a personal chronicle of a Parisian suburban youth coming of age, claiming their own space in a new France, a country to be reinvented. »

In the acting categories, Michelle De Swarte was noted for her role in ‘The Baby’ in the UK, produced by Sky, HBO and OCS, while Israeli actor Yehuda Levi wowed the jury with his performance in “Fire Dance”, a channel of Yes TV, Firma Productions and Kuma Studios produces an 18-year-old girl who falls in love with a much older married son of the leader of their ultra-Orthodox community.

“The baby”
Courtesy of Ross Ferguson

“He had to be charismatic in a manly way,” director Rama Burshtein-Shai told Variety ahead of the series premiere.

“Levi, a really big star here in Israel, is so talented. He is able to be several things at the same time. He is attractive, he wants power and he fights it, he loves women and stays away from them. That’s how I love my characters — I want them to have it all, because we have it all too,” she said.

The Swedish thriller “The Dark Heart”, co-created by Gustav Möller and Oskar Söderlund, and starring rising star Gustav Lindh, who will soon be seen in “The Northman”, triumphed in the international Panorama. The Special Jury Prize went to “Sunshine Eyes”.

In the French competition, “Chair Tendre” (“About Sasha”) – listed among the buzz titles in Variety’s Mania series and about the restlessness of an intersex high school student hoping for a fresh start – won the top prize.

While Axel Granberger won the best actor award for his turn in “Black Butterflies”, that of the best actress went to the dynamic main trio of the musical “Reusss” (“Sisters”): Inès Ouchaaou, Charlie Loiselier and Assa Sulla. Sylla made her debut in Celine Sciamma’s ‘Girlhood’ in 2014 and has since starred in the French version of ‘Skam’, also alongside Loiselier.

The jury also noticed the retro soundtrack of a playful version of the spy stories and training “Toutouyoutou” (“The Aerobics Project”), courtesy of Clément Doumic, Antoine Wilson and Sébastien Wolf of the group “Feu Chatterton.

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“Fire Dance”
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‘Vikings’ creator Michael Hirst, presenting his new show ‘Billy the Kid’ in International Competition, was celebrated this year as guest of honor alongside Nathalie Baye, ‘Game of Thrones’ alumni Aidan Gillen and Mathieu Kassovitz and Isabelle Nanty, who performed alongside each other in the 2001 smash “Amelie.”

This year’s event took place just six months after the last edition, which was postponed due to the pandemic.

“It was a nightmare to produce another event six months after the last edition, but we couldn’t have done otherwise. We had to go back to our regular March timeslot,” founder and CEO Laurence Herszberg told Variety, praising her “dedicated” team.

“Series Mania is successful because we have a broad overview of everything that has been produced, we know what is interesting and what is a new trend. We watched 330 series and we realized that this year’s edition really looked at our reality and our political subjects”, she added, mentioning in particular the closing title “Oussekine”, the Disney Plus offer based on the true story of an Algerian. student, killed by a police officer, and HBO’s “We Own the City” on the set in Baltimore by David Simon and George Pelecanos of “The Wire”.

Also praising lighter fare, from “Magpie Murders” to “Landscapers” with Olivia Colman, and Hirst’s new take on the Billy the Kid legend. “The show is just amazing. I’ve never seen this story shown like this,” she said.

Herszberg also celebrated “special” French series. “We always said to French producers and broadcasters: ‘Take risks. Take a look at our society, use more non-white characters. After so many years of repeating this, we finally got such great shows. We had a French show at the opening [‘Standing Up’] and a closing French show. It never happened, because we are an international festival, but we just had to recognize that the French offer was particularly good this year.

The Mania Series will take place March 18-25 in Lille, France.

The full list of awards was as follows:

Grand prize: “The world of tomorrow”
Best Actress: Michelle De Swarte in “The Baby”
Best Actor: Yehuda Levi in ​​”Fire Dance”

Best Series Award: “The Dark Heart”
Special Jury Prize: “Sunshine Eyes”
Special Mention: “The Respondent”

Best Series Award: “Funeral for a Dog”

Best Series Award: “Tender Flesh”
Best actress: Inès Ouchaaou, Charlie Loiselier and Assa Sylla in “Reusss”
Best Actor: Axel Granberger in “Black Butterflies”
Best music: Clément Doumic, Antoine Wilson, Sébastien Wolf from the group Feu! Chatterton for “Toutouyoutou”

Best Comedy Award: “Bloody Murray”
Special Mention: “Visitors”

Best Series Award: “Float”
Special mention: “6:30 p.m., new season”
Audience Award: “The Birth of Daniel F. Harris”


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