World record broken at the Highland Festival Games


November 16 — SCOTLAND — A record was broken at the Highland Festival Games held in Scotland last October.

Reg Patchell, vice-chairman of the Highland Festival committee, which organizes the annual event, announced the high score, which was confirmed as a record by Ken Gustafson of the association for the North American Scottish Games Athletics.

“A world record was broken in our matches this year,” Patchell said on social media.

The barbell weight record was broken by competitor Mike Zolkiewicz.

Zolkiewicz, who is 45, is originally from Connecticut but now lives in Massachusetts. He set a new record of 21 feet 9 inches.

The contest involves throwing a 56-pound weight over the bar. Since Zolkiewicz turned 40, he has competed in the Master’s Elite division, which involves 42-pound shot put.

This is the fourth record Zolkiewicz has broken. He has been playing Scottish games since his college days at Southern Connecticut State University. He broke his first record in 2009 in Canada and broke two records in 2012, one at a competition in Rhode Island and one at matches held in Illinois.

His record throw in Scotland came in the games on October 9. The next annual Highland Festival will take place at the historic Edward Waldo Homestead in Scotland on October 8.


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