Wuxi City Makes a Splash as It Hosts Cherry Blossom Festival


Wuxi, China, March 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The city of Wuxi, located in eastern China jiangsu province – thrusts itself into the international spotlight as host of the annual Cherry Blossom Festival from March to April, when thousands of magnificent cherry trees will be in full bloom at the Yuantouzhu (Turtle Head Isle) scenic spot.

The festival held its opening ceremony on March 24 – both on-site and online following the recent outbreak of COVID-19.

Along with the festival, the 2022 Wuxi International Month has also kicked off, providing both an opportunity to celebrate cherry blossoms and enhance friendship and communications between Wuxi and other countries. A series of international exchange and cooperation activities, exhibitions and interactive experiences will take place during this month-long event.

Innovation cooperation activities are also one of the strengths. The RCEP Friendly Cities Cooperation Forum, for example, was held on March 24 – reach a consensus on the deepening of consultation between local authorities after the signing of the RCEP or Global Regional Economic Partnership agreement. RCEP is a massive trade agreement in the Asia-Pacific region that came into effect on January 1st This year.

A Sino-European industrial and financial cooperation meeting for sustainable development will also be held, to attract more European venture capital funds, cutting-edge science and technology projects, and science and technology innovation summits to Wuxi. top of the line.

Other activities to promote trade and industry will be held, such as a conference on strengthening Wuxi’s business with multinationals and a conference on life and health industry.

In addition, the event will launch an international innovation and entrepreneurship competition, a short video competition and hold signing ceremonies for around 40 business and commercial projects – as well as the establishment of a service center entry and exit of international talent, to stimulate the internationalization of the city.

During the opening ceremony, a series of non-governmental international friendship activities were also held, including the opening ceremony of a friendship park and the appointment ceremony of Wuxi’s friendship envoy.

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