YK Group to Perform at 2022 World Music Festival in Taiwan


YK Band is scheduled to perform at the 2022 World Music Festival @ Taiwan on October 16, 2022, Sunday, 4-4:30 p.m. (GMT+8).

This combo of Yerko Lorca from Spain and Kuan Yin from Taiwan creates music with three ancient instruments (the West African kora, the Tartessian lyre and the Mediterranean tar drum) and their voices in a way that awakens infinity Imagination. The duo released an album titled Árcaron-Under Twin Moons: The Rise of a Myth.

In 2019, they won gold medals at the Global Music Awards (Best of the Show, Best Composer, Album of the Year, Best Producer and Best Art/Graphics); were nominated for Best Crossover/Global Album and Best Crossover/Global Song at the Golden Indie Music Awards; and is part of the Transglobal World Music Chart, a major ranking of world music.

This year they will blend yoga therapy with auditory, visual and tactile elements to take listeners on a purifying journey of immersion into the twilight through their ancient music.

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