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Zindzi and the Zillionaires at ABC Music

Zindzi and The Zillionaires is a children’s act formed by Sydney hip-hop and RnB musician and TV/theatre actress Zindzi Okenyo.

The 2023 album will feature upbeat songs of friendship, trust, joy and positivity, all set to a mix of RnB, pop, hip hop and rap.

The fluffy creatures The Zillionaires are “rich with joy, love and kindness and everyone is welcome to come out and be a Zillionaire too”.

Natalie Waller, Head of Music and Events at ABC Music, said, “Children’s music is a huge part of what we do on the label and the music Zindzi creates really pushes the boundaries of children’s music to exciting new territory.

Okenyo added that she was “ecstatic” to have found a home at ABC Music.

“ABC is world-class in children’s entertainment, and I’m so excited to share the music and joy of this project with families around the world.”

She is well known for the song “Woman’s World” from her debut EP “The Wave”.

The Buckleys at the Jackson Street Agency

NSW siblings The Buckleys have awarded direct bookings to Sydney-based agency Jackson Street.

Launched in April 2021 by Pat Trotter and Bill Emmett, it has BARKAA, Harmony Byrne, Jazmine Nikitta, Kobie Dee, Mulalo, Romero and 3K on the books.

Trotter tells TMN that a priority is to get major endorsements for Sarah, Molly and Lachlan Buckley.

“We really think it’s about the right people seeing the band. The Buckleys have already built a solid reputation and profile.

Part of the strategy is to expand the trio’s audience, from country-pop to the rock and indie elements that are already in their music.

Trotter was struck by The Buckleys when he heard their breakthrough 2019 hit “Daydream” on Petrol Recordings/Universal Music from the late Chris Murphy, and has been keeping tabs on them ever since.

Their songs were strong and melodic, he said, sounded cool, had strong onstage chemistry and were brimming with musicality.

“They are still at the start of their careers, but they have all the elements to become household names.”

The Buckleys will appear at the Tamworth Country Music Festival on Wednesday January 18.

They released the “Take It As It Comes” EP in September, written and recorded in Nashville.

Lead single ‘Oops I Love You’ debuted on Australian country radio in the Top 5 – like all of their singles – and made waves on US radio where they were promoting the record and attending the CMA Awards this week. .

Their new documentary, directed by Grant James, recently had its world premiere at the Byron Bay Film Festival.

Interruption at TMRW Management

Western Sydney-based DJ/producer duo Interupt have joined TMRW Management.

Alex De Martin and Josip Mijatovic are already signed with TMRW for recording and reservations.

Formed in 2019, they’ve had over a billion streams of their tracks “Power” and “Power (In Your Soul)” in China and exploded on TikTok.

They have collectively garnered over 3.2 billion views on TikTok with over 750,000 creations using their music (and millions more on Instagram Reels and Douyin).

Today, Interupt is releasing a new single “Tell You” featuring British singer Abi Flynn, which also features on the original version of “Power”.

Both are managed by Jordan Lambert (picture above, right), also a member of TMRW’s A&R team

Lambert said, “It has been such a pleasure to be part of Interupt’s journey and growth over the past few years; TikTok views to their first North American broadcast.

“They’ve truly excelled as music producers, artists and people in such a short time and I’m so excited to work with them on an ongoing basis.

“I’m so grateful to Josip and Alex for trusting me to help them develop their vision as day-to-day managers and grateful to TMRW Music and Tim McGee for creating an incredible environment to nurture young artists like Interupt.”


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