Zuher Khan discusses his documentary The Hollywood Experience


The room was lively and lively on Tuesday when the screening of Zuher KhanThe documentary film ‘The Hollywood Experience’ took place. With critics, artists, singers and the press present at the screening, began the documentary that delves deeply into the profession of actor and describes the essence and foundation of show business.

Made up of experiences and testimonies from various Hollywood stars, the documentary provided much-needed insight into the Hollywood industry, something budding industries can take note of. The documentary also shed light on the simplicity of a Hollywood industry, speaking to the press the young producer explained how Hollywood is a relatively accessible industry compared to Bollywood. And with Pakistani artists banned from working in India, the artist went on to explain how entering Hollywood isn’t as intimidating as it seems to encourage actors here to try their luck in Hollywood.

Asked about his take on the current state of the Pakistani industry, he said the industry is teeming with talented artists who have the skills and tremendous charisma to rise to higher levels in various film markets. worldwide. Impressed with the talent around him, Khan seemed rather excited when he revealed that a documentary on the Pakistani industry was also on the cards where he would showcase local artists and their experiences in the industry.

Considering how good-looking he already has, you can really imagine him as a hero and that’s something he’s ready to do too. Khan said fondly that he would like to collaborate with Lollywood. In addition to wanting to work in TV series, the producer is also planning to produce a film in Pakistan.

Expressing his love for Pakistan and the impeccable talent of the country, Khan revealed that the sole purpose of bringing his documentary here is to encourage the industry that now is the right time to join forces with Hollywood and produce films. that the public will remember. And come to think of it, our industry can really use the help of the biggest industry in the world and revive the film culture in Pakistan.

He started his career with the production “3 Holes And A Smoking Gun” which won the prize for best actor 2015 at the “Winter Film Awards”, for best American narrative feature film 2014 “Laughlin International Film Festival”, the grand prix du jury and Best Actor 2014 “Red Dirt International Film Festival”, Independent Spirit Award 2015 “Garden State Film Festival”, Best Screenplay at the “Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles”, Best Supporting Actor 2015 & Recognition for Dramatic Excellence “Buffalo Niagara Film Festival” & Best Supporting Actor 2015 “Cinerockom International Film Festival Khan’s documentary is slated for release in summer 2022 and will be released on SVOD, TVOD and AVOD on all digital platforms worldwide, except a dedicated DVD output.


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